Does a healthy diet have any impact on my teeth?

Food for thought

They say you are what you eat, and a healthy diet is a great way to maintain your overall health, but did you know it is also a great way to maintain your oral health?

A healthy diet can play a part in the prevention of tooth decay. There are certain foods that can assist in oral health, and some that you should avoid, or limit. 

Foods that are dentist recommended

Let’s take a look at some of the foods that your dentist might encourage you to eat. 

Cheese – For all your cheese lovers, grab the cheese board and stock up because cheese is great for combatting acid erosion that is caused when you eat, making cheese the perfect after-dinner treat. 

Water – Your doctor and your dentist will recommend water it’s great for your entire body. Dehydration can cause your mouth’s saliva to thicken and this can affect the PH of your mouth and affect your breath. 

Fruit and vegetables –A diet rich with fruit and vegetables is not only delicious it stimulates saliva which helps break down acid in foods. Having carrots and apples as a handy snack is a great way to look after your pearly whites. 

Fish – Get your vitamin D from fatty fish. Vitamin D assist with calcium absorption, which is critical to the health and strength of your teeth.

Foods you should limit to maintain your oral health

You might have heard your parents say, sugar will rot your teeth and your dentist might be inclined to agree. Here are a few foods we recommend that you limit to maintain beautiful teeth. 

White bread – Yes, that lovely crusty white bread might be causing damage to your teeth. When you chew bread, your saliva breaks down the starch into sugar, and leaves a film on your teeth and between the teeth. Why not opt for wholemeal bread for a healthier and more tooth friendly alternative. 

Alcohol – Saliva is our line of defense against tooth decay, and when you drink alcohol it dries your mouth out which means saliva can’t do its job properly, which is to help balance the pH/acid levels in your mouth and help with chewing; add the sugar in most alcohol to the equation and you have a recipe for tooth decay. 

Soda drinks – Soda drinks both diet and regular have the ability to break down your tooth’s enamel which is the tough material that protects your teeth, without your enamel your teeth are like a knight going into battle without its armour, every time you eat. 

Ice – Water is a great way to maintain your oral health, but did you know that when you bite down hard on ice and other hard foods, it can make your teeth vulnerable to cracking and chips. 


Your local dentist at Green Dental Oxley in Brisbane wants you to enjoy yourself, so even if you do indulge in a few treats when you are out and about, carry some sugar-free gum with you to neutralise acids in the mouth that can be harmful to your tooth’s enamel. 

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