Your Dental Care Routine Tips

Prevention is better than cure

We all know the basics for keeping your teeth healthy, but there are a few practices that your dentist wants to share with you for keeping that bright white smile ????

Your dentist’s top tips for healthy teeth and gums

  1. Always start the day by brushing your teeth, not only will it give you minty fresh breath, it will also assist in the fight against plaque and tartar. 
  2. Never go to bed without brushing your teeth. Brushing at night gets rid of all the sugar, germs and bacteria that has built up on your teeth throughout the day. Don’t give bacteria time to breed, brush your teeth every night before bed. 
  3. Never forget to clean your tongue. Forgetting to clean your tongue can lead to bad breath and bacteria in your mouth. 
  4. Always use a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride helps fight against tooth decay.
  5. Flossing should be considered as vital to your oral health as brushing is, if you fail to floss you’ve essentially neglected 30% – 40% of the surface area of your teeth. 
  6. Drink water. The more water you drink, the more saliva you produce, and the more acid you can combat. Try and finish every meal and/or snack with a glass of water as a way to rinse the mouth and offset the acid naturally found in food. 
  7. Reduce your intake of sugary food and drinks. Sugar is the easiest substance for bacteria to feed on in the mouth, so it’s always good to limit your sugar where possible, again wash any sugary treat down with a glass of water. 
  8. Be Careful of highly acidic foods and drinks, many cola’s and other soft drinks, citrus based fruits and juices can slowly wear away the enamel of your teeth. Again, rinse with water after having these food and drinks will help reduce any potential damage

 *** The Top Tip from Your Dentist – Visit your Dentist at least every 6 months!  *** 

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Prevention is better than cure, so anything you can do to keep your teeth healthy is never done in vain. 

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