Dental Crowns & Bridges

Losing your confidence? Let our dentists help you get it back

When you lose or damage a tooth, you can also lose your confidence along with it, why not let Green Dental Oxley in Brisbane help you bridge the gap?

Missing and damaged teeth can leave people feeling vey self-conscious about their smile, but there’s no need to suffer, Dr Matthew and Roger Moo have the skills and expertise to restore your smile using bridges and crowns. Not quite sure what they are? Let us explain. 

What is a crown?

A crown isn’t just reserved for royalty, our dentists give them to our very special patients too. 

So, what are they? A dental crown acts like a protective cap or shell, that sits over the tooth. It looks, feels and functions like an ordinary tooth, but provides a durable solution for damaged and missing teeth. 

dental crowns

How does a crown work?

After a consultation with our dentist, either Dr Matthew or Roger Moo, we will assess whether your tooth can support a crown, and if it can we will file the tooth down and a temporary crown is fitted; we document the impressions of your teeth, so we can manufacture a crown that fits perfectly. 

Every tooth is important, and getting a crown is a great way to prolong the life of a weak or damaged tooth. 

Bridge the Gap

When you’ve lost a tooth, and you want to restore your ability to chew and the look and feel of your mouth, a bridge is a great option to restore function and appearance.

How does a dental bridge work?

The bridge is fixed to the surrounding teeth to essentially bridge the gap, and they are used as anchor points. Once the dentist has supported the bridge to the surrounding teeth and the fit is perfect, it will be cemented in place. 

The space caused by a missing tooth can not only look unsightly, but it can cause the surrounding teeth to shift into the empty space; causing misalignments and making the teeth harder to clean, which could result in further tooth loss. 

Our dentists will discuss the options of metal, gold and porcelain material bridges, and discuss the best option for you. 

Your local dentists that care

Dr Matthew and Roger Moo are brothers that started Green Dental Oxley in Brisbane with the vision to provide the locals with the perfect smile, whether it’s through preventative dental treatment, cosmetic dentistry, or through educating our patients, we believe everyone should have the confidence to smile. 

To book an appointment with your local dental clinic in Brisbane, call Green Dental Oxley in Brisbane.

A dentist near me that cares

When you want a dental practice that cares, Matthew and Roger Moo are your local dental specialists in Brisbane.


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