Root Canal Treatment

We get to the root of the problem

If you are keeping up with your regular check-ups, Dr Matthew and Dr Roger should be able to identify any signs that you might need a root canal. 

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Why do I need a root canal?

A root canal treatment is needed when the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels have died due to physical trauma, decay or long-term necrosis from being heavily filled, and deep fillings. This causes an inflammatory immune response from your body which can cause an infection; your body might try to reject the tooth as it considers it a foreign object now; this process can cause infections and facial swellings known as a dental abscess. 

If the dental abscess is left untreated and continues to grow it can spread into your blood stream and other areas of your body, causing further disease and in extreme cases death.

Don’t worry, this all sounds very scary, but as soon as you start feeling any pain it is a sign that you need to visit our dental clinic, and we can take care of the situation alleviating any pain or discomfort you might have felt with a root canal treatment. 

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is when the dentist removes the nerve or dental pulp of the tooth, after cleaning out any bacterial or infection the root canal walls are cleaned, shaped and sealed with root specific filling material. The tooth is then built back up or prepped for a crown. Root canal treatments are a pain-free way to save your tooth without needing to go to the extra expense of a dental implant.

Every tooth is important, so it’s important to save and preserve your teeth.

Is a root canal painful?

A root canal isn’t painful; we administer a local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel a thing. Dr. Matthew Moo and Dr. Roger Moo explain every step of the process, and their genuine calm and caring nature is guaranteed to put you at ease. 

The procedure is often done over 2 – 3 appointments, depending on the type of tooth, location in the mouth and number of canals, and the treatments can be anywhere from 45 – 90 minutes.

A Dentist in Brisbane You Can Trust

The Moo brothers started Green Dental Oxley in Brisbane with the vision of helping put the locals at ease and giving them a dentist they can trust. When you need dental care that is never compromised, Green Dental Oxley should be your first call. 

We accept all healthcare funds and have interest-free payment plans available. 

A dentist near me that cares

When you want a dental practice that cares, Matthew and Roger Moo are your local dental specialists in Brisbane.


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